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  • Purpose of the BGPSA

    BGPSA was established in 1988. The purpose of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGPSA) is to form a student-led organization dedicated to ensuring that the academic, professional, social, and cultural environment at The University of Mississippi, offers a more conducive atmosphere for the cultivation and development of Black Graduate students. As we seek to become scholars, practitioners, and leaders within our various communities, we envision a BGPSA whose organizational capacity is vibrant enough to promote a university-wide setting conducive to supporting these ends. Furthermore, we strive to develop and articulate a new strategic vision to advance the interests of Black Graduate students throughout the entire University of Mississippi system.

    BGPSA has 3 primary pillars that we focus on: Professional Development, Community Service, and Social Engagement all of which are preformed monthly.

    Professional Development – BGPSA offers a professional development opportunity to its members at each monthly general body meeting. We strive to enhance our professional presence, to provide professional networking, and promote professional growth amongst members.

    Community Service – BGPSA selects a form of community service for our members and the greater UM community to have the opportunity to participate in. Our goal to be active and present members in our community while having a positive and last impact and providing service to those in need.

    Social Engagement – BGPSA hosts a social event for our members to have a space to fellowship and enjoy an environment that fosters authenticity and support amongst shared identities and experiences. Through these events we aim to provide our members with mutual and lasting relationships with fellow members, alumni, staff and faculty, and other UM community members.